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At Adventureland Academy LLC, your child is here to learn and prepare for preschool. While our number one priority is the well being and comfort of your child, helping him understand the world around him and teaching him/her is our goal. Our curriculum and lesson plans are created by an experienced certified preschool teacher. This allows your child to obtain the best possible education a child care center can offer. From learning the Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors to learning about Classic heroes and Bible stories or participating in our STEM+A program, your child will grow smarter every day with Adventureland Academy. 

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Classic Heroes

As part of our History

lessons, your child will

learn about classic heroes,

men and woman that changed the world...

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Guiding Principles

Every week we will teach

and emphasize a new

Guiding Principle. These principles will help your

child do the right things

and be a better person...


Discovery Item

Every Friday, we will bring a cool and amazing item to show your child. Not only will

they learn about this

item, but they also get

to touch and hold it...

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Bible Stories

Included in our curriculum, we will teach a new bible 

story every week. These 

stories are based on the

New and Old Testament...



Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics plus Art. This program is part  of our after school kids curriculum and summer camp program...


Magic Time 

Every kid loves magic! Several times per month, we will incorporate magic tricks into your child’s lesson plan. This

is always a fun way to keep

your child engaged...

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