Is your child doing


this school year?    

At Adventureland Academy LLC we are ready to help your child succeed in School!

We are prepared to support your child’s educational needs and have a State Certified Teacher ready to help. As we enter the eLearning or Distance Learning phase, we are developing a framework at our childcare centers to ensure an environment conductive to the quality of learning you have come to expect and deserve. We always strive for excellence and are committed in helping your child maximize his/her learning experience during these challenging times. During this extended stay at our childcare center, we are prepared to cater to the different needs of distance learners.

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Ÿ Supervised screen time                                          

Ÿ Communication with child’s teacher when needed

Ÿ Aid in distance learning with one on one help          

Ÿ Ensuring child is completing assigned work

Ÿ Assistance in all assignments and homework

Ÿ Tutoring on challenging content

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